Kiki, the Monkey

at La Sierra University
Computer Science Department

Donated by Michelle Hwang
Created by Dr. Enoch Hwang

This webpage allows you to control Kiki, the monkey, located in the Computer Science Department showcase at La Sierra University from anywere in the world on the internet. It also allows you to control the LEDs and read the status of the four switches on the single-chip web server board.

To see a live view of Kiki, click this link if you are off campus or this link if you are on campus.

(You will need to install an activeX module when you access the live video for the first time. If you get an error message during the activex installation process, you might first have to lower your internet security level. After the installation, you can change the security level back to normal.)

Click the button below to make Kiki play the drum. Kiki will automatically stop after 20 seconds. Wait until Kiki stops playing the drum before you click on anything else.

Click on one of the following buttons to turn on that particular LED on the webserver board, and to update the switch status. You can see the green light(s) being turned on or off in the live view.

Click on this button to read the switch status
SW 0 is %s
SW 1 is %s
SW 2 is %s
SW 3 is %s

A fun page!

This entire webpage is being served from a single IC chip. This webserver board can be seen in the middle of the picture to the left of Kiki. Click here to find out more about this single-chip web server.